Dr. Eckel’s Animal Welfare Initiative now features a news section

Welcome to the brand new news section of Dr. Eckel’s Animal Welfare Initiative. For Dr. Eckel, the well-being of animals has always been top-priority. Dr. Eckel has set itself the objective of using its innovative solutions to pioneer animal welfare. Our aim is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to resolve the major issues of animal husbandry – in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

This is why Dr. Eckel has launched it’s Animal Welfare website. Henceforth, you will find reports and comments on animal welfare issues here on a regular basis. We also hope for a lively exchange in our social media channels. If you have any suggestions regarding topics or other comments, just send us a message at socialmedia@dr-eckel.de.

Have fun reading, sharing and discussing!
Your Dr. Eckel-Team