Plant power for the immune system

Why we need plant-based additives now more than ever

With Corona, ever more and stricter regulations, difficult economic conditions and increased social expectations, there is really a lot that livestock farmers, feed manufacturers and producers have to shoulder at present. But their scope for action is often very limited. The pressing question is: How can we become both more ecological and more economic and thus more profitable and successful in the long term? One answer to this is: start with feed and take advantage of the benefits of plant additives. After all, they are versatile and effective in different areas. If we look at broiler production, for example, performance is usually the first indicator of successful production. However, health and the immune system are just as important, as they have a direct influence on current and final performance. One indicator of this is natural resistance, which can be measured using parameters such as phagocytes and lymphocytes. Various experiments have already shown that the activity of these important immune cells can be significantly improved with the help of plant feed additives. For example, plant additives can have a positive effect on the natural defences of broilers. At the same time, growth performance is also improved, which benefits the farmer. A healthy and robust immune system with optimal performance is the basis for the well-being of humans and animals.